Large order placed by Arriva. Urbino CNG for Warsaw

Public transport operator Arriva has ordered 54, CNG-fuelled Solaris Urbino 18 buses. The vehicles will transport Warsaw residents on a daily basis, after the carrier won the public tender for operating selected bus lines in the capital of Poland. Pursuant to the signed contract, all vehicles have to be ready this year. It will be the première of Solaris gas buses in that city.

10. April 2019

Representatives of Solaris Bus & Coach S.A. have just signed a contract for the supply of 54 Urbino 18 CNG buses going to Warsaw. The commission was placed by the company Arriva which will be responsible for the bus service on selected routes, having won a public tender held by the municipal transport company ZTM Warszawa in the preceding year. Even though there are already 1500 vehicles of the Solaris brand cruising around that city, this will mark the producer’s first time supplying gas-fuelled buses to the capital of Poland.

The articulated Urbino 18 CNG will feature a range of green solutions ensuring a reduction of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere. The buses will be fed with compressed natural gas that will be stored in roof-mounted tanks boasting a total volume of 1700 litres. Constituting a mixture of light hydrocarbons, the CNG will be adapted for the use in a combustion engine; the commissioned models will feature 8.9 l Cummins engines with a power of 293 kW, meeting the highly restrictive Euro 6 emission standard.

There will be 39 seats onboard of each of the buses. Solaris will equip the vehicles with a comprehensive set of electronic systems, including voice announcement, constant surveillance of the bus interior and exterior, a passenger counting system and emergency communication for the driver. Passengers will be able to purchase tickets in ticket vending machines which each of the commissioned vehicles will be equipped with. The noise emission of the gas-fuelled Solaris buses will be lower than that of diesel models, which, in combination with an air conditioning system covering the whole vehicle, will significantly increase travel comfort.

CNG buses are the most common alternative drive types in use in Poland. According to the authors of the report of the Polish Congress of Alternative Fuels, replacing part of the diesel bus fleet with CNG fuelled vehicles can contribute to the reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx) by up to 50%, and of carbon dioxide by up to 20%. Solaris has been producing CNG buses since 2004. So far, over 1100 vehicles of that type have rolled out of the factory near Poznań, having been dispatched to such countries as Norway, Sweden, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and France.

Tom T.

Tom Terjesen er født i Kristiansand, men bor nå på Tromøya i Arendal. Begynte tidlig å få interessen for trykt media. Var løpegutt i avisen Sørlandet. Flyttet som 12 åring til Kvinesdal og begynte umiddelbart som ung frilanser for avisen Agder. Som 19 åring flyttet han til Høvåg og var med på oppbyggingen av Høvågavisa. Senere har han vært frilanser for en rekke tidsskrifter landet over. 2002 grunnlag han Bussmagasinet som i dag er landets største og viktigste fagtidsskrift for bussbransjen. Han er også president i den internasjonale Bus & Coach jury.