Boost for almost 30 years of cooperation: 14 VDL Futuras for Twerenbold

A relationship lasting decades has received a new boost. The Swiss coach operator Twerenbold Reisen AG has recently placed on order for 14 FHD2 Futuras with VDL Bus & Coach. If it is up to owner and board chairman Karim Twerenbold, the cooperation that started way back in 1992 may continue for many years to come. “We opt for quality, reliability and loyalty. Values also shared by VDL.”  

26. April 2019

The vehicle fleet of Twerenbold now consists of 62 coaches, of which 60 from VDL Bus & Coach. In the words of Karim Twerenbold, “Like VDL, we too are a family-owned business. Our core values match. Both companies put their people first, something I consider particularly important. The lines at VDL are short, so issues can be settled quickly. They are open to improvement and that means continuous striving for innovation. To ensure continued cooperation, that is of course essential.”

 Very special relationship Bernard Donzé, director of VDL Bus & Coach (Suisse), described the relationship with Twerenbold as ‘very special’. He is proud of the confidence that Twerenbold has once again expressed in VDL. “The history we have built up together is something to be cherished. Twerenbold not only believes in our products but is also confident in our organisation. At the same time, we at VDL must ensure that we continue to take the lead in innovation, so that now and in the future, we remain the best option for key customers like Twerenbold.”

 Royal class The VDL Futuras will be put into service from the Twerenbold home base in Baden-Rütihof, starting in mid-April. The complete order is made up of eleven vehicles in the Royal class, and three in the Comfort class. The Royal class coaches all have a length of 12.2 metres and offer 30+1+1 seats. The Royal class, designed by Twerenbold itself, has helped the company set the standards for coach travel in Switzerland. The class is hallmarked by a deluxe 2+1 layout and a seat separation of no less than 90 centimetres.

 Two of the Comfort class coaches measure 13.9 metres in length (56+1+1 seats). The third, a Futura FHD2, measures 12.9 metres in length, with a 48+1+1 seating layout. The last delivery to Twerenbold, consisting of 13 Futuras, was completed in the spring of 2014.

 Twerenbold Twerenbold Reisen AG was established in 1895. The company slogan is ‘travel in good company’. The company above all specialises in organising and arranging tour travel, but also provides smallgroup transport services and daytrips. Twerenbold Reisen AG is part of the Twerenbold Reisen

Gruppe that also includes Reisebüro Mittelthurgau Fluss- und Kreuzfahrten AG, Imbach Reisen AG and Vögele Reisen AG

Tom T.

Tom Terjesen er født i Kristiansand, men bor nå på Tromøya i Arendal. Begynte tidlig å få interessen for trykt media. Var løpegutt i avisen Sørlandet. Flyttet som 12 åring til Kvinesdal og begynte umiddelbart som ung frilanser for avisen Agder. Som 19 åring flyttet han til Høvåg og var med på oppbyggingen av Høvågavisa. Senere har han vært frilanser for en rekke tidsskrifter landet over. 2002 grunnlag han Bussmagasinet som i dag er landets største og viktigste fagtidsskrift for bussbransjen. Han er også president i den internasjonale Bus & Coach jury.