Pilotfish supplies the Svealandstrafiken bus company

Pilotfish has signed an agreement for the supply and delivery of an IT system for 320 buses at Svealandstrafiken, a bus operator owned jointly by Region Västmanland and Region Örebro County. The Pilotfish solution is based on a communication platform where all onboard systems can be connected to the same network with online connection, cloud solutions and access for users via computers, phones and tablets.

24. April 2019

Because the Pilotfish platform is standardised to European standard ITxPT, the systems of different suppliers can be interlinked and can share information with each other, thereby enhancing the performance of the individual components.

“The standardisation is important,” says Tomas Gabinus, CEO of Pilotfish. “It allows suppliers to be part of an overall solution, at the same time as being able to focus on what they do best.

It also means we can utilise components from consumer electronics and the automotive industry. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel – rather, we can utilise to the full the cost benefits that come with mass production.”

The agreement also includes Android-based driver displays that can control different onboard systems via selection of the appropriate apps. It makes working with different systems more user-friendly and reduces the number of displays the driver needs to keep an eye on.

Driver assistance for fuel economy and automatic download of tachograph data are included, as well as integration with a cloud-based traffic management system that shows the vehicles on a map and which route they are being used on.

Tom T.

Tom Terjesen er født i Kristiansand, men bor nå på Tromøya i Arendal. Begynte tidlig å få interessen for trykt media. Var løpegutt i avisen Sørlandet. Flyttet som 12 åring til Kvinesdal og begynte umiddelbart som ung frilanser for avisen Agder. Som 19 åring flyttet han til Høvåg og var med på oppbyggingen av Høvågavisa. Senere har han vært frilanser for en rekke tidsskrifter landet over. 2002 grunnlag han Bussmagasinet som i dag er landets største og viktigste fagtidsskrift for bussbransjen. Han er også president i den internasjonale Bus & Coach jury.